Manufacturing Processes

  • Rotary and single station vacuum & pressure forming
  • Max impression 6'x11'x4'draw
  • Ability to form commodity and engineered resins up to .50 thick
  • CNC trimming including 3 and 5 axes, robotic trimming

Injection Molding

  • 80-1880 Ton machines
  • Silo storage of raw material of 240,000 lbs.
  • Design assistance available utilizing the latest in CAD/CAM
  • Experience running all the resin families, including high temperature and engineered grade resins
  • Industrial and Medical Facilities

Prototype and Short Run Injection Molding 

  • Rapid Prototype Tooling ( 1 week)
  • Short Run Production (10parts to 10K)
  • P20, Aluminum, Harden tool-steel tooling
  • Complete Assembly and Packaging
  • Ability to mold small container type parts to very large parts
  • Use of all the blow molding resins
  • Insert molding, internal thread molding
  • Product assembly and packaging

Plastic Extrusions

  • Tubing up to 6" diameter and profile shapes up to 7" w/ a .250" wall thickness
  • Co-extrusion of dual durometers
  • Use of both rigid and flexible materials
  • 30+ extrusion lines
  • Industrial and Medical Complete Turnkey assemblies

Rotational Molding

  • Maximum part size is 17 feet
  • CNC trimming
  • Ability to co-design or assist in design refinement utilizing PRO-E
  • In-mold labeling
  • Complete turn-key assembly
  • Boards, bars, angles, solid rod
  • Rod Stock up to 8" diameter
  • Tube Stock up to 3 1/2" diameter
  • Board and Bar Stock up to 30ft lengths
  • Machining of sprockets, wheels, bearings

Composite & Fiberglass Molding 

  • Hand lay-up/spray-up, RTM, light RTM, and RIM
  • Wide spectrum of materials including polyesters, vinyl esters (including fire retardant, smoke, and toxicity), urethanes, and hybrid resin systems
  • In house design assistance and structural composite engineering
  • 5 axis CNC trimming and water jet trimming
  • Industries Served: Industrial Truck, Tractors, Heavy Equipment, Agricultural and Recreational

PVC Compounding 

  • Custom PVC formulations
  • 50lbs to Truckload quantities
  • Custom color-matching
  • Extrusion, Injection and Wire and Cable compounds

Structural Foam 

  • Multi-station Molding
  • In-house painting and assembly
  • Four 150,000lb raw material silos
  • In-house design and tooling

Metal Fabrications 

  • Custom Tube Bending
  • Precision Press Brakes
  • High-Performance Production Sawing
  • State-of-the-art Laser cutting
  • High-Speed Punching
  • Robotic Welding
  • Turn-key Engineering and Assembly
  • Founded 1967-3 Facilities
  • 15 Presses from 5 to 750 Tons
  • In House tool and Die
  • Precision Machining, Assembly and Prototyping


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Material Selection

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