Technology Offerings

  • 48 to 1,100 ton press capability
  • Single part design to turnkey production
  • Engineering design and support
  • In-house tool design and mold making


Structural Foam Parts



Company Profile -

As a world-class manufacture of plastic components we can provide our customers with complete project management through innovative engineering solutions. This involves all phases of tooling, part design, to precision molding.
Our company was founded in 1982, with over 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility we are a leader in the Structural Foam industry. Our facility offers molding press capacities of 48 to 1,100 tons. We utilize the latest technologies in CAD software, our designers use ProEngineer, Mold Flow, and Mastercam Software. We offer in-house tooling and mold making for custom designs.

Structural foam offers superior strength to weight ratio. When compared to conventional injection molded plastics, structural foam is three to four times as rigid as the same weight material produced by conventional injection molding depending on the resin used. A smooth outer skin encloses the foam core and prevents flex and distortion of the part. Parts engineered with structural foam have good machining qualities and allow variations in wall thickness.





Project Management > Concept > Design > Tooling > Material Selection > Prototyping > Production