Technology Offerings

  • Engineering Assistance
  • Prototype Tooling
  • Production Tooling
  • Production Molding
  • Value Added Operations
  • Turnkey Assembly and Packaging


  • Flexible PVC, Rigid PVC
  • ABS, ABS Blends
  • PP, PP Blends
  • Nylon, 6, 66, 12, Glass Filled
  • TPE's and TPR's
  • Wide range of thermoplastics, alloys



Prototype and Short Run
Injection Molding

Company Profile -

Since 1985 our manufacture has been providing our innovative approach to product design for manufacturability, first-to-market rapid prototyping methodology, valuable cost saving recommendations and a relentless commitment to quality. From offering assistance when selecting tooling materials (P20, aluminum, hardened tool-steel), recommending processing materials, providing samples, and streamlining prototyping to full production we can meet your timeline.



Project Management > Concept > Design > Tooling > Material Selection > Prototyping > Production