Technology Offerings

  • Custom and stock OEM components
  • NSF/FDA/USDA approved
  • ASTM D-4020 05-A
  • Rod stock up to 8” in diameter
  • Tube stock up to 3 ½” diameter
  • Boards and Bars over 10ft in length
  • Sprockets, wheels, bearings


  • Temperature range -460F to +200F
  • Molecular weight of 4.2 million
  • NSF/FDA/USDA approved
  • Density of .93
  • Coefficient of friction .14 or less



Company Profile -

ISO 9001-2000 Quality Certified
Our manufacture is the pioneer in the development of the processing technique for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polymer, established in 1866. As a leading converter of UHMW-PE resin , we are able to supply a variety of shapes such as bars, rods, boards, tape and custom profiles.
UHMW-PE is highly abrasion resistant with extremely low coefficient of friction. It has the highest impact strength of any know thermoplastic manufactured today and has the ability to absorb tremendous amounts of energy.
Parts can be manufactured from basic shapes by several machining techniques including high speed milling, sawing, turning and drilling.

UHMW Extrustions Machined UHMW Parts





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